Drafting, drafting, drafting …

I’m gazing at the current draft of my methodology and methods chapter. I refuse to call it just ‘methodology’ because they are distinct things and I will need to discuss both.

There needs to be some organising applied because there are places I have just written stuff and not everything is where it belongs yet. There are also some elements that need to go *somewhere* but I haven’t found the spot for them or which ‘friends’ they need to be sitting next to. Perhaps the thing is to stick them somewhere and attend to flow later on. Taking my motto of ‘one bite at a time’ means it doesn’t matter if I’m not sure where in the order it will settle. It is an important part of that discussion so having it *there* is the thing, irrespective of whether it is in its right spot yet.
There is a tension between ‘just writing’ stuff and getting stuff written in a form that will prove useful. In a way it’s similar to the distinction between productive work that is just being busy and doing lots and productive work that is effective and achieves what you need it to. This is one of those instances where a word count as a raw metric isn’t the most helpful. I can blather a lot of words but they may not always come out in a coherent enough form to be useful drafting. Especially when I am still figuring out the structure. My challenge is usually that I’m a bit of a plotser (a blend of plotter and pantser). My writing style is a combination of both planning out the structure before writing and working out the structure while I write. This has some advantages in being able to get some ideas onto the page and having some flexibility with the structure, but it can also be frustrating, especially if I have not sorted out enough structure to be clear about my argument. As an aside, this is where I am finding Scrivener coming into its own for me. I’m still getting used to not having to write in the linear way dictated by other word processing programmes that shall remain nameless, but it’s getting easier the more I play with it.
I’m on the cusp with this chapter. I’m pretty sure of what needs to go in it, and I have a fair amount of that in varying degrees of flabby writing. The structure isn’t settled yet and part of that is related to the argument problem. I know what the chapter needs to do but I have not settled on the flow of the discussion to make my argument. Seeing isn’t solving, but at least I have an idea of what my problem is so that I can do something about it.
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