White Rabbit Moments

So much doing over the last couple of months has resulted in not a lot of blogging. Not for a lack of things to blog, oh no. No, there has been a surfeit of things to blog. What I have lacked are time to organise my thoughts enough to write about and the energy left over at the end of Teh Busy to do the writing. Part of me is tempted to do a ‘catch up’ post of all the things that have happened, a lot of which have been Very Exciting, but at the same time I want to spend time with them and give each the writing attention it deserves.

What that this has taught me is that research can go from Valley of Shit to EEEEE-It’s-All Working-And-So-Shiny-And-Exciting within the space of a week, and then stay that way. In some ways I have felt a bit like The White Rabbit, coordinating activities across two fieldwork sites that have gone from a crawl to Ludicrous Speed

I am currently very grateful to Past Me for writing some things in draft while things were kind of stuck because it formed the basis of Important Things that were planned back then and happened this week. ‘Write early, write often’ isn’t necessarily about thesis writing. I’ve seen plenty of discussion of ‘start writing early’ as an idea for PhD researchers, both supporting and critiquing. What I am learning is that there are plenty of other things that need writing through the process of research that may or may not belong in the thesis but they still need to be written. Using the time and the thoughts when they happen is important and does make the frantic moments a lot easier when you already have some stuff to revise or shape into the form you need it. I am definitely someone who thinks through writing a lot, so for me that’s another reason such investment is never wasted. Besides, it’s not like I have a finite number of words I can produce and Must Devote All to the thesis and not write other things. Point well made.

The other thing that I think has saved my sanity is the plan I’d made for these few months. Okay, it was tentative at the time and remained flexible. It still meant that I knew what I was aiming for and could schedule things within that. It’s meant that I’ve reached my next time marker (i.e. next visit to Oz) achieving all the things I wanted/needed even though it has resulted in a few weeks of feeling like the White Rabbit. Not quite running late because a lot has fallen into place exactly as I’d hoped, but a lot of busy. Good busy, but busy!

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