Remembering to celebrate

And the “Poke-In-The-Ribs Award” for getting so absorbed in all the other things going on that I forget to celebrate getting full ethics approval goes to … me! Gosh, what a surprise. So caught up in everything that I haven’t done or achieved that I forget to acknowledge my achievement. It ended up being a bit drawn out, with letters not getting forwarded and changes in support staff meaning that it took even longer to get my responses back to the committee. However, my responses were accepted and the letter came through last week to confirm that the status of my application has been upgraded from conditional to full approval.

This means I am still on track for starting my data generation in the timeframe I had planned, even though the approval has taken longer than anticipated. I’m still trying to decide if this counts as levelling up in my PhD Game, and I think it does because I can start work on a new bit of the project. Making my way through the administrative process definitely counts for experience points, as does managing the staff changeovers that created some extra delays and needing to re-send stuff.

I can see me awarding myself more “Poke-In-The-Ribs” Awards. I am getting better about acknowledging and celebrating my achievements. I’m still far too good at ushering all the things I haven’t done in the stalls and my achievements end up in the cheap seats right up the back of the second balcony. Then I stand on my stage and look down at row upon row of frowning faces, not needing to say anything. The nag is implicit. Meanwhile, echoes of cheers drift down faintly from ‘the gods’ and occasionally make it past the stony wall in front of me. I’m not sure just yet if I would change the seating arrangement, because I do need to pay attention to the things I have yet to do. What I can do is lift my head and take in the whole theatre from my place on the stage. It’s all about balance.

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