First past (the) post

The feel of a first blog post has so much in common with starting a fresh note book. It’s new, clean and a character yet to be established. It holds a world of promise in blank pages waiting for words, scribble, doodles and jottings. At the same time, the blank page has a notoriety among writers amateur and professional. It can be intimidating and create a hurdle to overcome in getting something down on the page so that it isn’t blank any more.

The suggestion to keep a journal (or in more Web 2.0 terms, a blog) is common in many sources offering writing advice to doctoral and other postgraduate students. It makes a lot of sense, as writing is such a key component of the research process, experience and learning. The more you practice, the more chances you give yourself to improve those skills. Blogging is not the same milieu or tenor as formal academic writing, but it still requires a competence with language, writing clearly, organising ideas and communicating. I’ve started this blog a few months into my PhD candidature, so there are some past events and achievements that I still want to blog about. I’ve actually achieved a few important things in the short time I’ve been working on this project and I want to write about those as well as where I am now, so the posts may be a little chronologically mixed for a while as I catch this blog up to where I am now.

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